Trade warned after booking with stolen card

Agent loses when stolen credit card is used to book travel by phone

In what is becoming an increasingly common event, a travel agent has warned other professionals in the travel trade after losing money when a booking was made for two flights to Jamaica with a stolen credit card. Paul Dayson, a managing partner at the UK-based Spa Travel, said the agency was now banning the use of credit cards in making bookings for trips taking place within a month of the call.
“The booking was done over the phone, and when the address and security code was given they all matched, so we didn’t question it,” he said.
But he was then contacted by the card’s original owner who had no knowledge of the booking. The owner reported the card as stolen and the credit card company demanded the money back from the agency. By that time, the person who booked the flights had already travelled. “The trade needs to be aware of this,” Dayson warned.
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[pictured: Visa V PAY card]