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Beer on board (photo: Lufthansa)

Traditional costumes and beer on tap on Lufthansa

The airline will be celebrating the annual Oktoberfest beer festival with a special atmosphere on some of its flights.

Lufthansa’s crews have already started taking off in traditional Bavarian costume in time for Munich’s Oktoberfest beer festival.

The yearly tradition sees the cabin crews wearing Bavarian costumes on some flights from Munich instead of their uniforms.

Lufthansa will also be installing beer kegs on board to serve fresh draft beer to customers as a “special treat” on these flights this year.

The airline says that, for the first time, the crews have participated in developing an exclusive Oktoberfest menu for business-class customers, with food that “pairs perfectly” with the fresh beer.

Safe kegs
The annual tradition of passengers enjoying freshly tapped beer on Lufthansa flights goes to the 1960s, when the Lufthansa Senator Service poured draft beer, and now the kegs are back on board this year.

An ‘airworthy’ keg has the carbon dioxide pressure regulated by a valve – preventing the pressure from becoming too great on board, so ‘tapping’ the keg can be done safely at an altitude of 10,000 metres.

The first traditional-costume flight took off from the Bavarian capital on September 19 heading for New York (Newark), the second on September 25 from Munich to Singapore.

Passengers travelling from Munich to Shanghai on October 6 will also have this experience, just before Oktoberfest officially ends. There will also be further crews in traditional costumes on selected European flights.

From October 5 to 7, one of the crews on the Lufthansa CityLine will swap their uniforms for traditional costumes. Their destinations this year are Berlin, Cologne/Bonn, Luxembourg, Pisa, Genoa, Amsterdam, Rzeszow, Timisoara and Cagliari.

Short lederhosen
The attire for the crew was designed and custom-tailored by the Munich traditional costume specialist Angermaier – dark blue with a silver-grey apron for the women and short lederhosen with a dark blue waistcoat for the men.

The tradition continues for Lufthansa’s employees working in Passenger Services at Munich’s Terminal 2, who will welcome passengers in Bavarian costume during Oktoberfest. The employees at Lufthansa’s first-class lounges, meanwhile, will be wearing costumes in black and gold.

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