Training by video game at new Oslo Airport

Almost 23,000 employees to use 3D game to explore
Almost 23,000 employees will be using a 3D game to explore various situations in the airport area, as the opening of the new Oslo Airport approaches.
All people with an ID card will get to know the new areas of the airport through video game technology and simulation.
“As it takes place in a highly realistic setting, simulation based training is a very effective way of learning and adapting new behaviours”, says the airport’s managing director Øyvind Hasaas. “It is also a way of making training more enjoyable.”
The purpose of the game is to make employees familiar with the new terminal areas through various storylines and tasks that need to be solved. Points are awarded for solving tasks, and you can challenge a colleague.
“Previous use of video game technology in training shows that many people complete the training program several times because they want to do better the next time”, says Hasaas.
The technology is designed to give an experience of solving work tasks in a realistic environment. Users get to rehearse key knowledge that is required to pass the test and become an authorised user of the ID card, which grants types of access at the airport.
Customer service, focus on security and team spirit among airport employees are important elements of the game.
“With as many as 23,000 employees in 1,200 companies, it is important for us that training is made as enjoyable, engaging and effective as possible. We believe that this 3D game gives our employees better training than the regular web-based e-learning. Hopefully, it will teach them all they need to know about the airport”, Hasaas says.
A video sequence of the game can be seen here.
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