Travel agents needed in an uncertain world

Agents needed in hunt for safe holiday destinations
The hunt for safe holiday destinations will lead to travel agents becoming more valuable than ever. In an uncertain world, consumers will look to experts for advice.
This was the message from David Holland of the tour operator African Pride, speaking on an industry issues panel at the Aito Agents Domestic Conference in the UK.
“Looking at it from an industry perspective and a travel agent perspective, people will always want to travel. You will always have clients who want to go on holiday,” he said.
“They may not necessarily at this time want to go to certain destinations because of issues or perception of issues. From a travel agent perspective you’re in a very strong position. You can advise and guide and influence people.”
He added: “I think this is very much where travel agents can come into the fore, by using their knowledge and experience to advise and direct their clients.”
The last year has seen problems in mainstream destinations such as Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt and Greece. However, a sense of accuracy and perspective is needed, stressed Sunvil and Abta chairman Noel Josephides, who urged agents to rely on advice from regulatory bodies rather than the tabloid press.
“I think just keep a level head and realise that these people are there to sell newspapers and so they have to exaggerate because bad news does sell.”
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