Travel companies told to personalise social media

If there’s anyone with a personal touch, it is travel businesses
Social media will increasingly be used by businesses to personalise their products for the consumer.
Companies in all sectors are increasingly trying to connect with customers on a personal level, examples being Coca-Cola’s named bottles and Starbucks’ insistence on writing customers’ names on their cups, Bruce Martin, founder of social media consultancy Ginger Juice, said at the recent Elite Conference for Independents in Cadiz.
Social media gives companies an excellent opportunity to do this, especially in the travel industry, which he believes has a head start.
“Everyone wants to personalise, even if it is a bit fake,” Martin said. “If there is anyone with a personal touch, it is travel businesses. You have a connection with your customers that many big brands would kill for.”
He added that one way companies do this is by getting customers to share remarkable moments they have thanks to a brand. With travel companies so instrumental in people’s key special moments, from a weekend break to a honeymoon, they are well place to capitalise on personalisation.
There is a dark side to social media, however, Martin warned. Examples are tools like Whatsapp with 800 million users and Facebook Messenger with 700 million signatories. He said that while customers love the technology, the problem for companies is, unlike Twitter, that they cannot see the conversation taking place and are therefore unable to influence it.
“It is an interesting challenge for brands: how on earth do they deal with these things that are just going to grow and grow?” he said.
Martin reminded delegates of the basic rules to follow in order to be successful. Brands should not hector consumers over deals but instead have conversations with them. Silliness always works, he added, as do eye-catching images. And short, pithy pieces of writing are always more successful than longwinded and lengthy pieces of prose.
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