Travel firms exploit “best Northern Lights” forecast

Lights to be at their most intense in 2013, NASA says

The Aurora Borealis, or northern lights, are one of nature’s most awe-inspiring wonders in the north between September and April. Now Scandinavian travel companies are exploiting a prediction by US space agency NASA that the phenomenon will be at its best in over a decade in 2013-14.

NASA says that the northern lights will be at their most intense late in 2013 when the 11-year Solar Max sunspot cycle is due. When it arrives, it will bring “more solar flares, more coronal mass ejections, more geomagnetic storms and more auroras than we have experienced in quite some time,” the agency says.

Icelandair, for example, is using NASA’s prediction to promote its “northern nights” packages to Iceland aimed predominantly at the American market.

Iceland Naturally

[photo courtesy Icelandair]

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