Travel idea for much-travelled tourists

Tourists pay €16,500 per person for two weeks in the Arctic

Travel agents are having to deal with greater numbers of clients keen to do something highly unusual as a holiday, to impress friends or because they’ve already done so much else. Many adventurous people are paying a lot of money to join a fairly basic ‘cruise’ vessel into the frozen wilds of the Arctic polar zone. The ice-breaker ships sailing under the Russian flag have crowded cabins and a two-week voyage costs at least €16,500 per person.
Demand for such trips has increased rapidly since 2007, initially among wealthy Russians, and prices have risen sharply. Rosatomflot, the owner of the ice-breakers, says that there will be at least four trips this summer. The season to visit is very short and reservations are made months in advance. Tourists can also venture onto a nuclear ice-breaker. But polar voyages may not be possible for much longer. Polar-zone tourism represents only 3% of the Rosatomflot fleet’s income.
[pictured: Polar bears along the way; photo courtesy Rosatomflot]