Travel industry embraces “digital detox” trend

Products allow travellers to escape from digital age



As travel suppliers race to create faster WiFi connectivity, at the other extreme a small but growing number of travel companies are offering calm away from the modern-day storm of emails, social media and instant news alerts. Digital detox programs give people a break from their devices.

“People are realising that we’re not very good about unplugging,” Levi Felix, co-founder of a company called Digital Detox, says. “They want the permission to be able to tell their family and co-workers and friends, ‘Hey, you won’t be able to reach me’.”

The company held its first Camp Grounded retreat this summer, a kind of summer camp for adults without wireless devices. The programs take place in a wide variety of destinations, from Cambodia to California. Open-air cabins and all meals are provided and activities include low-tech workshops, archery, hiking, singing and roasting marshmallows.

Latin America and Africa specialists Jacada Travel have created Tech Detox itineraries, while Via Yoga gives customers a 15% discount if they give up their mobile devices and laptops.

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