Travel mysteries that have never been solved

Vanishing planes, ghostly ships and a parachuting hijacker
Mail Online looks at some of the world’s greatest travel mysteries. Recently, climbers in the Andes discovered the remains of a plane that carried 24 people including eight of Chile’s top footballers. The flight went missing April 1961 and was never found – until this year.
The stars in the Chilean team were on two planes, only one of which reached Santiago safely from a match in another part of the country. The others, flying on a Douglas DC-3, did not. The location of the wreckage is a secret for now, to prevent looters.
Mail Online also tells the tale of D B Cooper, or Dan Cooper, who boarded a Boeing 727 from Oregon to Seattle in 1971 wearing a suit and sunglasses. The airline was Northwest Airways, which eventually merged with Delta Air Lines in 2010.
“Shortly after take-off he lit a cigarette, ordered a whisky and passed a flight attendant a note explaining that he had a bomb and was hijacking the plane. He demanded $200,000 upon landing and a parachute. The pilot radioed his demands and the authorities complied,” the article reads.
“He allowed passengers to depart before ordering the pilot to take off once more (with the money). Somewhere over the lower Cascade mountains in south-western Washington he parachuted from the plane to a highly dubious fate.”
Other mysteries are described, including the disappearance of pioneering pilot Amelia Earhart, unsolved vanishings in the Bermuda Triangle, the strange case of Dutch cargo ship SS Ourang Medan, and of course Malaysia Airlines’ MH370.
Mail Online
[pictured: Sketches of Dan Cooper]

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