Travel to Burma getting easier in 2012

Incoming agency says why tourists should visit Myanmar

The incoming travel agency Myanmar Tours has listed 10 reasons why you don’t need to be an intrepid explorer to visit this country, which in the words of the agency “starts opening to the world.” Myanmar is “a safe destination”, the agency says, where the “visa process is easier […] less time consuming and […] electronic.” More airlines are flying to the country, such as Vietnam Airlines, Thai Airways and Malaysia Airlines, and travellers can now catch flights there from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Chiang Mai, Beijing, Hanoi, and Siem Reap.
Burmese people are “incredibly friendly and nice”, while the slow pace of life and this “Buddhism-oriented country exposes you the lovely insight of people who treat you beautifully in the country of Golden Pagodas.”
The agency promises “great explorations” to untouched destinations, such as the hidden trails of Loi Kaw, the Pa-O tribal heritage site of Kakku, the Golden Triangle and the unspoiled islands of the Mergui archipelago, as well as to slightly better-known places like the 2500-year-old Shwe Dagon Pagoda. Visitors can also bang the biggest ringing bell in the world, visiting the world’s biggest man-made stone cave, walk across the longest teak wood bridge, pray at the largest reclining Buddha in the world and conquer the highest peak in SE Asia. Shopping, meanwhile, can uncover unique handicrafts.
Myanmar Tours
[pictured: Temples in Bagan]

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