Travel trade catching up on transgender rights

Airlines and airports are slowly adjusting their practices
Transgender rights are having an unprecedented moment of visibility, Apex Media writes, but laws protecting these rights are still catching up. This goes for the travel and tourism sphere too.
Canadian model Gigi Gorgeous was detained at Dubai International Airport earlier this month, something she said was only because she is transgender. She helped shine the spotlight on transgender rights during travel with an Instagram post.
“Traveling as a trans can be very, very tricky,” actress and frequent flyer Laverne Cox, famous for her role in Orange Is the New Black, tells Apex. “There are trans folks I know who are routinely stopped by the TSA [US Transportation Security Administration], going through the body scans.”
American Airlines and United Airlines have publicly condemned the North Carolina law passed earlier this year that requires individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds to the sex they were assigned at birth.
Meanwhile, Air Canada marched in the 2016 Montréal LGBTA Parade this month accompanied by two transgender supporters.
And airports like San Diego International Airport and Minneapolis-St Paul have changed the signs on public restrooms to reflect gender neutrality.
Apex Media

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