Travel turns pessimistic – except in Norway

Resegeometri releases new travel industry expectancy survey

The research firm Resegeometri has just released its new Travel Industry Expectancy Index, which it describes as an independent temperature gauge on Nordic travel companies’ confidence in both their own sector of the economy (micro) and their confidence in the travel industry’s overall economic development (macro). The measurement focuses on the difference between the proportion of optimists and the share of pessimists in the market.
Essentially, pessimism is evident among travel companies in Sweden, Finland and Denmark in the context of travel industry’s overall economic development in each of the countries over the coming 12 months. The macro index of these markets is negative, meaning pessimists outnumber optimists. But Norwegian travel companies have a completely different view of the industry’s development in Norway. There, the macro index is positive, meaning the optimists outnumber the pessimists.
It also seems, Resegeometri says, that travel companies with a specialist business travel focus are more concerned about the market situation than companies focusing on leisure travel or a mix of leisure and business.
[pictured: Superior room, Scandic Anglais, Stockholm; photographer Åke E:son Lindman; courtesy Scandic Hotels]