Travel website opens first world’s interactive 3D tourism marketing platform

A realistic view at the most popular tourism sites

From key tourism destinations, places of interest, historical sites to realistic full scale 3-Dimensional replicas of entire cities. This interactive 3D environment of our existing planet – allows end users to journey through “Interactive Realistic 3D environments” in the comfort of their homes – creating a brand new exciting marketing tool for tourism industry players
like tourism destination operators, Hoteliers, Shopping Malls, Retail Outlets and more to show case and sell their destinations and facilities to consumers around the world.
What sets the platform apart from others in the market is its commitment to the recreation of reality and an immersive 3D environment.  All images, environments, content and cityscapes are designed to be as life-like and accurate as possible to the real world.
A version of the software with the capability to show certain parts of the world is already available today.  The technology today allows support for up to a million objects per view area as well as sound and music, complete with special effects showing realistic weather patterns and powerful animation effects. Providing the most realistic virtual reality tour of any
destination available in the market today.
The company already has contracts with several tourism authorities in the world and is working on many other projects and will be making formal announcements on partnerships in coming months ahead. 3rd Planet expects to completely map the globe in phases, providing a brand new exciting, interactive platform for vacation, travel planning and learning.
Consumers will be able to explore places of interest globally in 3D from the comfort of their home.
“This is an important and necessary step in the development of 3rd Planet,” said Terence Mak, CEO of 3rd Planet. “Destination Marketing” has always been been a challenge for most locations, it is about time we use a new platform to educate and show global consumers how the location really looks like and what they can expect to do there. Air Travel & Tourism is booming with the availability of budget airlines, consumers are beginning to be more world conscious, what is missing is a technology and a platform to showcase the World in Interactive 3D to a global audience.
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