Travellers wary after bombs in Myanmar

Multiple bombs at hotels and restaurants in recent weeks

Travellers and the tourism industry are on a heightened state of alert in Myanmar following multiple bomb blasts throughout the country in recent weeks. DMCs are reporting postponed bookings as a result.

Three bombs detonated last Wednesday night in the north-eastern Shan state killing a municipal worker. Other blasts hit a guesthouse in Taunggu, 65km from Naypyidaw, which killed two people, and Traders Hotel in Yangon, injuring an American woman.

Two more devices were found at restaurants in Yangon and Mandalay. Traders Hotel now has three security guards scanning guests and bags.

“As the news spread of the bomb blast in a guestroom at Traders Hotel, many of our clients contacted us for more detailed information and reassurance,” said Pierre Leduc, key account manager at Diethelm Travel Myanmar.

Stephen McEvoy, managing director of Asia World Enterprise, said a couple of bookings had been postponed following the incidents.

“Overall the mood is very much wait and see, so if the situation calms down tourists will still travel,” he said.

TTG Asia

[pictured: Downtown Yangon, evening]

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