Travellers would pay for problem-free holidays

As many as 52% would pay $500 for fewer hassles
A well-earned holiday should be absolutely without stress, but often something does go wrong, in the transportation or the accommodation. Now a new study says that travellers would indeed pay extra if they could be sure of a holiday without problems.
The survey, by the travel company Monograms, part of the Globus group, is called Traveling Better and questioned 1,168 travellers about what causes them stress when on holiday.
Unsurprisingly, an international getaway is considered more stressful (by 63% of respondents) than domestic travel. The biggest headache is transport, with 38% of people saying that transportation at the airport and getting around a destination was their main cause of holiday stress.
Around 30% said poor quality or poorly located hotels were a major problem. Other sources of stress are language barriers (21%) and getting lost (11%).
The vast majority of respondents (85%) said they would be willing to pay extra to have less of this stress, with as many as 52% saying they would invest $500 or more to encounter fewer hassles.
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