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Travelport Smartpoint (image: Travelport)

Travelport gets more agencies on board with NDC

American Express Global Business Travel, DNATA and Global Travel Management are among the first group with access to NDC content.

Following what it says was the successful implementation of its new distribution capability (NDC) roadmap during 2018, Travelport has “completed the onboarding of the first group of travel agencies to receive access to NDC content”.

Meon Valley, a travel agency in the UK, in October 2018 made the first live booking using NDC content through Travelport’s Smartpoint desktop.

The next phase of the technology company’s roadmap involved getting a larger group of agencies on board.

To ensure that NDC works for all parts of the travel ecosystem, Travelport has implemented its booking solution with a wide variety of agencies of various sizes, including American Express Global Business Travel, DNATA, Global Travel Management, Premier Holidays, TAG, Travel Counsellors and Travel & Transport Statesman.

Travelport recently explained aspects about the implementation of its NDC booking solution, highlighting the importance of agent familiarity, workflow integration, the demand for NDC content and the need for broad industry collaboration.

Roll out and refine
The travel tech firm will now continue to refine its NDC booking solutions, following up with further Smartpoint enhancements along with an API NDC connection channel through Travelport’s Trip Service API in the middle of this year.

“We’ve taken great care in managing the rollout of our NDC booking capability through Smartpoint to our agency customers,” Nick Dagg, SVP for global agency sales, said.

“This has allowed us to learn as we go, listen to the important feedback from our customers as they operate in this new distribution era and refine our NDC solution to ensure it provides seamless, integrated travel choice.”

John Bukowski, director for content and distribution at American Express Global Business Travel added: “We are working with key parties to ensure we continue to deliver access to all content, with a focus on improving traveller experience, controlling cost, maintaining full end to end servicing, as well as transparent fares, pricing and comparison shopping.

“NDC is an important step in advancing airline offers and fare options, which we believe should remain focused on delivering value to corporate clients and not as a means to limit access to content, add cost, or force new and costly airline connectivity.”

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