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Travelport unveils tool to fight cyber crime

The travel tech company partners with ACI Worldwide to create an airline fraud control solution.

In an effort to combat cyber criminals around the world, a fraud control and settlement solution for airlines is to be offered by the travel-focused tech company Travelport.

Airlines incur losses of $1 billion a year from fraudsters using stolen, compromised or fake credit card details to buy airline tickets, the International Air Transport Association estimates.

Created together with the electronic banking and payment solutions firm ACI Worldwide, Travelport Authorize Plus has been designed to fight this growing trend.

“With the travel industry suffering from high levels of fraud, the impact on the bottom line can be severe,” Travelport explains. “The new Travelport initiative can provide airlines with the ability to track ticketing purchase processes right through to the completion of a journey.”

Additional features include the “dynamic fraud screening” of card payments used to purchase air tickets via Travelport-connected agents, the ability to flag and prevent ticket issuance and detailed online management reports of all transactions and status.

ACI Worldwide’s vice president Andy McDonald added that “when it comes to fraud control, authorisation and capture and settlement, the combination of our joint capabilities has the potential to dramatically change the way air ticket transactions are processed.”

The right tools
“Our partnership with ACI Worldwide is in response to the growing need to provide our airline customers with highly sophisticated tools to prevent card fraud in our industry,” said Travelport’s air commerce senior vice president and managing director Derek Sharp.

“The major advantage is that we have built a fully integrated solution, which applies fraud control management without the need for both our airline and agent customers to do any major development or change their workflow process of today.”

Travelport Authorize Plus enhances Travelport’s existing Card Payment Gateway by integrating with ACI’s award-winning ReD Shield platform.

Part of the UP Payments Risk Management solution, ReD Shield delivers real-time, cloud-based multi-tiered fraud prevention for eCommerce merchants of the UP Payments Risk Management solution.

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