Trekkers among dead in “worst-affected” town in Nepal

Town was one of Nepal’s most popular trekking destinations
The BBC’s Justin Rowlatt is the first correspondent to report from the remains of what is possibly the town in Nepal “worst-affected” by the devastating earthquake 10 days ago, Langtang. He posted a vivid picture of the destruction last night.
He visited the valley were Langtang once stood, on a helicopter reconnaissance trip. The town was one of the most popular trekking destinations in Nepal, home to 435 people and 55 guest houses. The earthquake caused a massive landslide of ice and rock. Now just one building remains.
Only body parts can be found beneath the debris.
Rowlatt reports: “It was nearly lunchtime and the teahouses and restaurants were busy. While we were there, they recovered another body, a young female tourist. The rescue teams say it could be weeks before they find them all.”
[pictured: Part of Langtang before the disaster]