Trend for mid-range hotels to go upscale or local

Mid-range and budget hotels attract new generation of guests
Luxury hotel brands are doing better than ever, catering to the wealthy and businesspeople on expense accounts. Now mid-level and budget hotels are trying to keep pace, attracting a younger generation of guests by adopting “lifestyle” amenities like elegant décor and well-equipped fitness areas.
“We’re laser-focused on attracting millennial and next-gen travellers,” says Jackie McAllister, vice president of brand marketing at Marriott International, about upgrades at the company’s 700 Residence Inn properties around the world.
Now you can enjoy the middle-of-the-road chain’s complimentary breakfast buffet beneath a chandelier – an example of the subtle design changes being rolled out.
The trend is also reflected in a $400 million makeover of more than 500 properties of the North American mid-level brand Studio 6 and budget Motel 6.
The changes include creative food and drink options, ambitious fitness centres, comfortable communal spaces and an embrace of technology, embracing a new era of accommodation. The move is toward what’s charming, local and hip – local food trucks, cocktails, local craft beers.
Modern travellers, McAllister says, are “looking for an experience that’s like home but even better, so we’re upping the décor and making it more upscale”.
Orlando Sentinel