Trends in online searches for Norway

What tourists are searching for before they arrive
Tourists planning a holiday in Norway are keen on internet searches ahead of the trip, a fact the country’s tourism promotion agency says shows increasing interest in the destination.
The most common online searches are glaciers, fjords, the Northern Lights and natural wonders.
“This is further proof that interest in Norway is increasing,” says Bente Bratland Holm, tourism director at Innovation Norway. “The list coincides well with the attractions we have been promoting in the tourism industry over time.”
The findings have been made in a report by Bloom Consulting on behalf of Innovation Norway, showing there was a record number of searches for Norway as a tourist destination in 2016.
Especially many Germans were searching for information about Norway online. Of the 5.8 million tourism-related searches for Norway, Germans made almost 1 million.
Americans made 640,000 searches, up 34% from the previous year.
Around 2 million Norway searches were for natural wonders, 1,350,000 were for fjords and glaciers and 450,000 for the Northern Lights. And searches for ‘luxury tourism’ in Norway increased by 614%, to 11,140.
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