Truck in Berlin attack may go to museum

Museum in Bonn already has terrorism collection
The truck used in the Berlin terrorist attack could become an exhibit in a museum in Germany, the news agency DPA reports.
House of History (Haus der Geschichte), a museum in Bonn, is considering adding the truck, used by Isis terrorist Anis Amri to kill 12 people at a Christmas market in Berlin in December, to its collection of objects related to terrorism.
“It is too early to give a final decision,” Hans Walter Hütter, president of the museum’s foundation, told DPA, adding that some time needs to pass after the attack.
“Immediately after the act, it is always difficult for all relatives and those affected,” he said. “One must wait, with respect, for the right time. But then you must act as a museum person, who is responsible for passing down the material legacy of the past – and indeed always with the necessary sense proportion.”
Items on display at the museum relate to attacks by, for example, the far-left Red Army Faction, also known as the Baader-Meinhof Group, which caused havoc over three decades, and from the neo-Nazi NSU terror cell. It also has pieces of New York’s Twin Towers.

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