Trump ban hits Middle Eastern airlines

Emirates and Etihad forced into pilot and crew changes
Middle Eastern airlines are being forced to change personnel schedules and re-bookings for passengers because of changes to United States immigration rules suddenly signed in on Saturday by President Donald Trump.
Following the US travel ban on seven countries with Muslim populations, Emirates has had to amend pilot and cabin crew rosters for services to the US, while Etihad Airways is offering refunds or re-bookings to affected passengers.
Emirates says a “small number” of passengers are affected by the Trump ruling, which for four months bans nationals of Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Libya from entering the US.
Qatar Airways, meanwhile, issued an advisory note warning that people from the countries affected would be able to travel only if they had a US green card or diplomatic visa.
Trump’s move has sparked anger and confusion at airports as many passengers from these countries, including some who have been living in the US for years, have been left stranded.
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