Trump’s new ban changes travel to America

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Everyone going to the US must answer security questions
Everyone travelling to the US must now spend time answering security questions before departure, according to new rules introduced this week. They are advised to get to the airport with plenty of time.
The rules apply to all people going to the United States, including US citizens. Airlines believe the new regulations will lead to longer check-in times.
“We request that travellers to the US calculate extra time for check-in. Those who have been to the United States know that there are more documents to be checked,” Knut Morten Johansen of SAS told the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.
“With the expanded security check, we need to take into account that this takes more time than before. If travellers follow the advice to get to the airport a little earlier than they normally would, we hope the new procedure will not cause problems for US flights.”
Anyone checking in will be given five or six questions by airline staff before they can get on the plane.
“The procedures are such that if our crew do not get responses they find satisfactory in these safety interviews, passengers will, in the worst case scenario, be refused to fly. We hope to avoid that,” Johansen says.
The US Department of Homeland Security thinks terror groups are targeting planes flying to America. Every day, a third of a million passengers fly there on 180 non-US airlines, from 280 airports.
Rather than impose a blanket laptop ban, the US has agreed to allow devices in the cabin if additional checks are made at the last point of departure.
These include enhanced surveillance of aircraft on the ground and the departure gate, more sniffer dogs, and “a more extensive screening process” including a personal interview. Questions depend on how interesting you are to security staff, who will have access to data such as how and when you bought the ticket.
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