Tsunami engulfs Sendai Airport, Narita and Haneda closed

Earthquake shuts down transport links with eastern and northern Japan

The earthquake that hit Japan today, which some sources say was bigger than the one that hit Haiti, has shut down transport and communications across the country. A 10-metre tsunami has destroyed large low-lying areas in and around Sendai on Japan’s eastern coast. Sendai Airport has been completely flooded. Tweets continue to come in reporting of the airport being “completely flooded” and even “washed away”.

A tsunami warning has been issued to most of the Pacific coast of the main island of Honshu and tsunami warnings are now in effect for 19 countries and territories by the Pacific Ocean, including, Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia. Tokyo’s Narita Airport is closed, the buildings there damaged by the earthquake, flights have been cancelled and passengers evacuated. Tokyo suburban and underground trains have been stopped. Tohoku expressway serving northern Japan has been damaged and bullet trains in the north of the country halted.

Various sources

[pictured: Sendai Airport after the disaster]