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Tui Airways criticised for “sexist” stickers

Cabin crew on the airline have been giving out ‘pilot’ stickers for boys and ‘cabin crew’ stickers for girls.

Tui Airways, known as the world’s largest charter airline, has come under fire for giving out stickers to children that “encourage gender stereotypes”, TTG reports.

Cabin crew have been giving the stickers to kids on board, but some passengers have noticed that boys are receiving stickers saying Future Pilot while girls are getting stickers saying Future Cabin Crew.

The resulting complaints from passengers are coming at a time when airlines are trying to catch up by ensuring more women get jobs in the cockpit.

Dame Gillian Morgan, a well-known doctor and scientist, was one of the passengers to notice how the crew was distributing these stickers along gender lines and called it “deeply sexist”.

“The stickers were gender neutral, but it’s the way they were handed out that makes it complicated,’ she told Metro, the United Kingdom’s highest circulation newspaper.

No boundaries
Other Tui passengers have taken to Twitter this summer to criticise the airline on how it has been giving the stickers to children.

“Lovely touch by @TUIUK flying out to Corfu Friday by giving children TUI stickers and activity sheet… not so lovely that all the boys were given ‘future pilot’ stickers and the girls ‘future cabin crew’?! Sexist much?” said Linzi Williams in a Tweet.

“I tell my daughter she can have any job she wants, without boundaries, as long as she works hard enough. I feel that this undermines that.”

Tui said in a statement: “We’re sorry to hear a small number of customers have been upset by this. We think it has just been a simple mix-up since our future pilot and cabin crew stickers are designed for use for any child regardless of gender.

“The stickers are part of our activity packs which are intended to be used by crew to interact, engage with and create special moments for our customers on their holiday.”

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