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Tui: Brits go well with Nordics, less so with Germans

Tui Group’s executive chairman explains the results of trials to mix various nationalities in its resorts.

The executive chairman of Tui Group, Fritz Joussen, says that trials to mix nationalities in its resorts show that most of the time they all get on well, but placing German tourists with the British “is a little more difficult”, Travel Weekly reports.

“About 90% of our resorts are more or less targeted to one [or another] market, but we have started to mix customer groups in some places,” Joussen explains.

“Putting the Nordics with the UK works, so does the Nordics with the Germans, and the Dutch with the British. They all work well, but it’s a little bit more difficult with the Germans and the British.”

He clarifies: “It can be done, but you need to really balance it. If you had ten English and one German, the balance would be wrong and so we have to be careful.”

“International” Nordics
Nordic customers get on well with the Brits, Joussen claimed, speculating that this is possibly because the Scandinavian populations are smaller and the people speak good English and are “international” in their outlook.

Tui Group will continue to aim key products at single markets, such as Sensatory and Marella Cruises for the British market and Robinson Clubs and Tui Cruises for the Germans, Joussen concluded.

At the end of last year, Tui said it would provide more hotels in low-cost destinations such as Bulgaria and Croatia specifically for UK holidaymakers who are feeling poorer since the Brexit referendum.

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