Tui chiefs take home almost €10 million

Tui heads also have millions in outstanding share awards
The joint chief executives of Tui Group enjoyed a total pay packet of more than €9.5 million in salary, bonuses and incentives this year, TTG Digital reports.
Friedrich Joussen and Peter Long have served together in the top job since Tui AG and Tui Travel merged last December.
Joussen’s pay for the year to September 30 increased from €3.9 million to €5 million, while Long’s total remuneration was €4.5 million (last year he was paid £13.3 million (€18.3mn) by Tui Travel).
The pair also have millions of euros worth of outstanding share awards under Tui’s long-term incentive program from previous years. Long is step down early next year to take up a position on the supervisory board, leaving Joussen in sole control.
Other executive board members include: Horst Baier, Dave Burling and Sebastian Ebel. They received €2.7 million, €627,000 and €1.9 million, respectively.
TTG Digital

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