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Oulu Airport / Finavia

TUI invests heavily in local airport flights

Extra flights have been added from provincial Finland for the autumn holiday weeks, as the operator has been overwhelmed with demand.

It is becoming easier every year in Scandinavia to fly to a destination direct from your local airport. In Finland, the tour operator Tui has added a significant number of provincial flights for the 2018 summer season.

There are 45% more flights from Finland’s provincial airports compared to last year, and already 77% of all flights from these airports for the summer season have been booked. So now Tui has added extra departures for the autumn holiday weeks.

It has doubled the number of direct charter flights from, for example, Oulu for the summer season, and there are also more local departures than ever from Vaasa, Tampere, Kuopio, Kokkola, Pori and Kajaani.

New destinations
The number of destinations to choose from has also increased, and there are a few new ones too.

“It’s now possible to fly directly to Crete and Bulgaria from Oulu. The new summer destination from Tampere is Rhodes, and from Vaasa the new destination is Crete,” says Anna-Maria Mettin, head of digital sales and marketing at Tui Finland.

“We are happy to respond to demand by offering more direct flights from different parts of Finland. Direct flights from your local airport to the destination is good for customers and an environmentally friendly alternative.”

She adds that “the selection is at its widest in October as the Mediterranean destinations are still open and the season is already starting on the Canary Islands. There are still plenty of hotels to choose from, but nice family rooms are usually the first to sell out.”

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