Tunisia to focus on “safety, safety, safety”

Terror-struck destination reaches out to tourists
Tunisia has suffered drastically as tourism numbers plummet following the actions of a solitary gunman, who killed dozens of tourists at a beach resort in June. But it now hopes that increased security at hotels, airports and museums can restore confidence in the country.
“We are scared Tunisia will disappear off the tourist map,” Abdellatif Hamam, director general of the Tunisian Tourist Office, said at a tourism conference in Germany this week. “The top priority for the next years will be safety, safety, safety. We cannot afford any more incidents that [target] the tourism sector.”
Tunisia’s tourism sector accounts for around 7% of its gross domestic product. But two Islamist militant attacks on tourist sites may stop the revenues, with 38 people killed by the gunman in Sousse and 21 killed at the Bardo National Museum in Tunis.
Hamam said that more spot checks were being carried out at hotels and that the government had the power to close hotels not complying with the extra security. However, tour operators TUI and Thomas Cook have halted travel to Tunisia until next year.