Turkish Airlines accused of not stopping runaways

Four schoolgirls flee to join ISIS in Syria undetected
Turkish Airlines is facing questions after news that it carried four runaway schoolgirls from London to Istanbul and failed to inform police. Three of the London teenagers are still missing and are thought to be making their way to ISIS-held territory in Syria.
The airline flew a fellow pupil of the three girls on the same route in December 2014. All four girls were travelling unaccompanied.
According to the Times newspaper, UK Prime Minister David Cameron said it was “concerning” that Turkish Airlines allowed the missing girls to board last week, supposedly without checks. The fourth girl, aged 15, from the same school as the missing three, was also not flagged to police. Cameron is demanding “new proportionate arrangements” to ensure that at-risk teenagers are properly identified and questioned.
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[pictured: Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800; courtesy Turkish Airlines]