Turkish Airlines chief to be AEA chairman

Association of European Airlines to hold AGM this week

At its annual general meeting in Brussels on November 29, the Association of European Airlines says it will announce Turkish Airlines CEO Temel Kotil as its new chairman.

“What I believe is that Europe is a big market and every single person in this world should have [access] to the airline business,” Kotil told ATW when asked about the importance of aviation.

“We are not asking for money [from governments]. What [the airlines] are doing is like a civil service.”

Airlines are playing a broader role in global development, he said.

“The message is that every single government on this earth should have the airline business. We don’t need babysitting by governments, but we are asking for them to understand our business [and the dynamics of aviation] better.”

Turkish Airlines has the fourth largest network worldwide, flying to 241 destinations today, and already has an important role in aviation, Kotil said.

“This makes us a large airline. We are operating 1,000 daily flights, up 1,200 to 1,300 during the summer,” he said, adding that Turkish has 2,000 daily flights in its sights.


[pictured: Doc. Dr. Temel Kotil, CEO, Turkish Airlines]