Turkish Airlines steps backs from lipstick ban

CEO blames reports about a ban on junior managers

After vocal opposition by secular Turks, Turkish Airlines has backed down on its plan for a ban on female flight attendants wearing red lipstick and nail polish. Many Turks had feared it was another sign of the country becoming too Islamic.
As reported, the carrier announced that red and dark pink lipstick and nail polish would hide its employees’ “visual integrity”. Now, however, chief executive Temel Kotil claims the ban was thought up by junior managers who failed to consult their bosses about the idea.
“As to the lipstick, we had no problems but somehow low-level managers put together a paper without asking us and that paper leaked to the media and became a big issue,” the CEO told journalists. “As you know, some in Turkey are a little bit keen about these issues.”
He confirmed that female staff would continue to wear lipstick and nail polish of any colour if they wished, adding that this was important for the standards of such “a great global carrier”.
[image courtesy Boeing]