Twin pilots retire 30 seconds apart

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Brothers park planes next to each other after final flights
Twin brothers who worked as pilots for the same airline celebrated their 60th birthdays by walking off their final flights only 30 seconds apart.
Captains Jeremy and Nick Hart both flew A320s on short-haul routes for British Airways. Having been born 30 minutes apart, they decided that a fitting end to their careers would be to fly their last flights back to Heathrow on the same day, parking their aircraft next to each other just 30 seconds apart.
Nick’s last flight, from Gothenburg, landed at 12:34, while Jeremy’s last flight from Geneva landed at 12:35.
Jeremy joined British Airways in 1987, while Nick joined from British Midland, which was bought by and then absorbed into British Airways in 2012. Between them, they have clocked up almost 45,000 flying hours, spent 3.5 years in the air and flown more than two million customers.
The twins are not identical but look and sound so similar that they are often mistaken for one another. After Nick joined BA, Jeremy had some interesting experiences.
“I’ve been constantly mistaken for Nick, and on one occasion I was called Nick the whole flight by my co-pilot. I’ve even been kissed by colleagues who think they know me. I guess it’s not a bad reaction!”
Despite working for the same airline, Nick and Jeremy have never flown together. Because both are captains, they were never assigned to the same flight.
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