Two million more passengers in Oslo

OSL reports 21.1 million passengers in 2011, a rise of 2 million

Passenger records are being broken again at Oslo Gardermoen. Norway’s gateway airport is reporting 21.1 million passengers in 2011, a rise of 2 million passengers (10.5%) on 2010. The airport saw 11.4% more domestic passengers – more than a million more – as well as 9.7% international passengers. As a result, the airport has met its duty free sales forecast of €363 million for 2011.
The performance mirrors Norway’s superior economy, although growth may be affected in 2012 by the country’s exports being overexposed to underperforming European countries.
Managing Director Nic. Nilsen: “The estimated growth for this year is within our current capacity as the terminal is expanded. It may be a little bit crowded at times, but this is something we can handle.”
Low-cost carrier Norwegian aims to launch 34 new routes in 2012, with six opening in OSL, including Reykjavik, Bratislava, Kiev, Ajaccio and Skiatos.
[photo: Eva Rose Furumyr / Oslo Lufthavn AS]

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