UK to open piracy intelligence centre in Seychelles

British government funds further anti-piracy measures for East Africa

The UK will establish a new intelligence centre to battle against the rising tide of piracy originating from Somalia, which, as reported, is extending its reach southwards down the coast of East Africa. There are continuing warnings about the possible kidnapping of tourists following several incidents in Kenya over the last month. The maritime intelligence and information coordination centre will be set up in the Seychelles. The UK’s foreign ministry and Serious Organised Crime Agency are “carrying out urgent work with the government of the Seychelles to take this forward,” the foreign minister said. The new intelligence centre will coordinate the tracking of financial flows and enforcement operations and will help collate the evidence needed to issue international arrest warrants and prosecute pirates.
The UK is also providing several million in additional funding to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the UNODC, the UNDP and the UN Political Office for Somalia.
[pictured: Almadow Mountains, Sanaag, Somalia]

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