United’s last Boeing 747 domestic flight

The flight sells out and has a huge standby list
United Airlines is retiring its fleet of Boeing 747s, first used on commercial flights in 1970 and once known as the ‘queens of the skies’, distinguished for their size and for the unique bubble that holds the cockpit and business-class seats.
United’s last domestic flight with a Boeing 747, which can hold 3,400 pieces of luggage, seats up to 440 passengers and has a tail six stories tall, was on Friday from Chicago to San Francisco.
For now, United is still operating international 747 flights to Europe and Asia but will retire its entire 747 fleet this autumn.
Friday’s flight sold out and had a huge standby list. Many of the passengers were current and former United employees. On the flight, there was a queue to climb the famous staircase to business class and marvel at the design.