UNWTO presents overview of international tourism in 2010

The overview includes ranking of top destinations and indicates that slightly over half of all travelers arrived at their destination by air!

The 2011 edition of the UNWTO Tourism Highlights is now online. This overview of international tourism in 2010 includes key trends, the ranking of the world’s top tourism destinations, and an overview of international tourist arrivals and tourism receipts for all world regions. It also covers outbound tourism and lists the world’s biggest tourism spenders. 
In 2010 international tourist arrivals reached 940 million and tourism receipts generated US$919 billion. France maintained its position as the world’s number one tourism destination and China became the world’s third biggest tourism spender.
In 2010, travel for leisure, recreation and holidays accounted for just over half of all  international tourist arrivals Some 15% of international tourists reported travelling for business and professional purposes and another 27% travelled for other purposes.
Over time, the trend has been for air transport to grow at a faster pace than surface transport, so the share of air transport is gradually increasing.
The large majority of international travel takes place within the traveller’s own region, with about four out of five worldwide arrivals originating from the same region.
Source markets for international tourism are still largely concentrated in the industrialized countries of Europe, the Americas and Asia and the Pacific. However, with rising levels of disposable income, many emerging economies have shown fast growth over recent years, especially in a number of markets.
Europe is currently still the world’s largest source market, generating just over half of international arrivals.
[pictured: Universal Exposition, 1889, Paris]