Up to 8,000 people to lose jobs at Malaysia Airlines

In radical restructuring, 8,000 people to lose jobs by end 2015
Malaysia Airlines plans a radical overhaul. Complete restructuring means that up to 8,000 people will lose their jobs by the end of 2015 in an attempt to make the airline more efficient, press reports reveal. The move follows the highly publicised loss of two of its planes last year.
Initially, every one of Malaysia Airlines’ 20,000 employees will be laid off, then around two-thirds will be rehired under new contracts.
“Some will be released in phases to manage the transition,” sources at the airline told The Straits Times.
Employees will receive two letters at the same time. One will tell them about the termination, the other offering either a new contract or an invitation to a retraining program for sacked workers. Malaysia Airlines staff are said to be anxious about their future.
The radical staff cuts will not affect flight operations, Christoph Mueller, Malaysia Airlines’ new chief executive, reassured in a press release, stressing that all schedules and reservations would be maintained.
RT / The Straits Times