Upscale hotels offer rooms at hourly rates

Guests can take a room during the day for less than half the nightly rate

Some upscale hotels are starting to offer their rooms by the hour. Le Parker Meridien, a New York property that has guest rooms with spectacular views over Central Park, offered rooms for $150 for a four-hour stay between 11am and 3pm as part of a Valentine’s Day promotion, Champagne and strawberries included. Rates usually start at $379.
Manhattan boutique hotel The Marcel provides rooms at hourly rates for entertainers playing at nearby venues, so they can shower, rest or take advantage of room service before performances. The Ritz-Carlton in Fort Lauderdale, a popular cruise departure port, has daytime rates of $250 compared to in-season overnight rates that typically start at more than $400.
In California, the upmarket Malibu Beach Inn, where oceanfront rooms start at $385 a night, has a day rate of $270. And while suites often go for as much as $6,600 a night at the Hotel Plaza Athenee in Manhattan, day rates range from $250 to $450 based on occupancy and time of year.
Chicago Tribune