US airlines vs. Icelandic airlines

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American Airlines

American weighs in as competition to fly to Reykjavik surges

American Airlines has announced it will start flying to Iceland next summer, making it the last of the USA’s ‘big three’ legacy carriers to launch services there.

The daily non-stop seasonal flights will begin on June 7, from its Dallas/Fort Worth hub to Reykjavik on 176-seat Boeing 757-200s, continuing until October 27.

Delta launched flights to Reykjavik in 2011, from New York JFK. Earlier in 2017, United said it would start a seasonal service from Newark from May 23 next year. Now American has joined them.

The latest move continues the trend of services between North America and Iceland, but it also indicates a push back by large US airlines against the flood of new routes by Icelandic carriers in recent years, USA Today suggests.

Wow factor
Icelandair has a growing reputation for inexpensive flights to Europe via Reykjavik from a swathe of North American cities, while maintaining something close to a full service including business class.

But it’s the ‘ultra-low-cost’ WOW Air that has really led the expansion. It launched flights to the US just three years ago; now it is selling tickets from 14 US cities, most recently in the Heartland from cities such as Cincinnati, Cleveland and St Louis.

Its disruptive fares are as low as $69 one-way, though numerous fees not included.

Icelandair has also announced flights from Cleveland. But the biggest overlap is Dallas/Fort Worth where WOW and Icelandair both recently announced flights, so that in just two months the airport has gone from zero routes to Iceland to three.

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