US city debuts all-embracing marketing

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Fort Lauderdale bureau defies era of travel bans
A city has debuted a major global destination brand initiative specifically to serve as a warm welcome and visitor invitation to the entire international travel community, despite the messages of partiality towards visitors to the US expressed by the White House.
The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau has launched an unprecedented campaign including a new brand video and digital marketing strategy.
The city says that its #greatertogether video is an expression of its open-door-open-heart philosophy for visitors in times of travel bans and safety concerns.
“In Broward County, we are making sure that we let the traveling public understand that we are a welcoming destination to all people across the world regardless of the colour of their skin, whom they choose to love or what religion they believe in,” says Stacy Ritter, the bureau’s president and CEO.
“We want to make sure that our message gets through despite the negative clutter they see on their nightly news, every day.”
Central to the initiative is a 1:45 minute video, which can be seen here, that draws the viewer’s attention to a story that plays out in a sunrise-to-sunset destination experience with people of different ethnic backgrounds.
It opens with a visual of yoga on the beach and continues with a portrayal of diverse activities and visitors, such as two Muslim women wearing hijabs enjoying coffee together with a non-Muslim friend.
Other images include millennials of mixed nationalities at play, LGBT couples and friends in warm embraces, members of the indigenous Seminole tribe, a not-so-mythical mermaid, local African-American street art and ending with a reveal of a human thumbprint and a welcome message in multiple languages.
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