US consumers want to travel again

Consumer sentiment towards travel at its highest level in four years

Americans are more eager to travel than at any point in the last four years. The main reason behind this is the rosier prospects for the US economy, according to the Ypartnership and US Travel Association’s Traveler Sentiment Index. The change is a relatively sudden one, with the consumer index up by as much as 9.2% since October 2010. Four out of the six areas tracked by the index – affordability of travel, interest in travel, time available for travel and money available for travel – have now reverted to the same levels measured in February 2008.
And Americans want to travel now. The survey found that almost 60% of adults in the US aim to travel for leisure sometime between now and July. Around 40 million adults are undecided on whether make a leisure trip in the coming six months, providing a sizeable target market for agents.
[pictured: Flowrider on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas]

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