US-Cuba commercial flights to start soon

Twenty flights a day to Havana, routes to nine other cities
Twenty flights a day between the USA and Havana and routes to nine other destinations in Cuba are up for grabs as airlines wait for word from the US Department of Transportation on when they can submit route requests.
American Airlines’ vice president of regulatory affairs Howard Kass is hopeful the airline will be flying a scheduled service to Cuba in the first half of this year. Miami will play a major role in the resumption of flights, he says.
The two countries reached a preliminary agreement on December 16 to resume scheduled flights for the first time in more than 50 years as well as to continue charter flights. Documentation on the issue is currently being translated and verified.
The airlines are not yet revealing the routes they want to serve, but says, “I would suspect that Havana would be oversubscribed.” This means airlines will have to make their case as to why they should be given specific routes and frequencies. Cuba also expects rights to fly to US cities.
Miami Herald