US official: MH370 search may last years

Underwater search to now enter more difficult phase

The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 could continue for years, a US military official has said. An underwater search of the ocean floor off the coast of western Australia has so far turned up no trace of the plane’s wreckage.

The anonymous official said the search would now enter a more difficult phase. A fruitless two weeks of looking for signs on the seabed means that the search area will now be widened.

“We went all in on this small area and didn’t find anything. Now you’ve got to go back to the big area,” the official told the news agency Reuters. “And now you’re talking years.”

The undersea drone Bluefin-21 has now finished the last of its 16-hour trips to depths of more than 4.5 kilometres, searching a 10 square kilometre area about 3,200 kilometres west of Perth. Malaysia will now have to decide what to do next, the official said, including whether to bring in more drones.


[image courtesy oneworld]

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