US passengers fly to Dhaka instead of Dakar

Turkish Airlines flies travellers to wrong continent

Two American passengers flying Turkish Airlines found themselves a long way from their intended destination after the airline mixed up the airport codes. The couple, Sandy Valdiviseo and Triet Vo, thought they were flying from Los Angeles to Dakar in Senegal. But instead of Dakar, they found themselves in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.
Arriving in Istanbul, the couple boarded the wrong connecting flight, only realising they were on the wrong track when they noticed the plane was flying over the Middle East.
Turkish Airlines admitted that the problem was theirs, issuing tickets in the US with the wrong airport code. The code for Dakar is DKR; the code Dhaka is DAC. The carrier has offered the couple two free economy-class tickets to any destination the carrier flies to.
Los Angeles Times / FTN
[pictured: Auto rickshaws in Dhaka; photo by Volunteer Marek]