US Senate protects airlines from EU ETS

“We shouldn’t be forced to pay a European tax when in US airspace”

The US Senate unanimously passed a bill shortly after midnight on Saturday that protects US airlines from having to pay carbon emission fees on European flights. The move adds pressure to the European Union to back down from its hugely controversial efforts to apply its emissions law to the world’s airline industry. The European Commission’s law to force all airlines to take part in its Emissions Trading Scheme to try to fight global warming has been in place since January.
Republican Senator John Thune, one of the most vocal critics of EU ETS, said that the Senate vote sends a “strong message” to the EU that it cannot impose its own taxes on the United States. Another critic, Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill, said: “It’s refreshing to see strong, bipartisan support for the common-sense notion that Americans shouldn’t be forced to pay a European tax when flying in US airspace.”
[photo courtesy oneworld]