US tests FBI drone detection system

Study looks at ways to detect ‘rogue’ drones near airports
The USA’s Federal Aviation Administration and its partners in the government are expanding research on ways to detect ‘rogue’ drones around airports.
The drone detection technology is being evaluated at New York’s JFK airport. It is a response to the FAA receiving a growing wave of reports over the last two years from pilots and residents about unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) around some of the busiest airports, including JFK.
“We face many difficult challenges as we integrate rapidly evolving UAS technology into our complex and highly regulated airspace,” said Marke ‘Hoot’ Gibson, FAA senior advisor on UAS integration. “This effort at JFK reflects everyone’s commitment to safety.”
The evaluations at JFK are studying the effectiveness of a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) UAS detection system in a commercial airport environment. Five rotorcraft and fixed-wing drones have participated and about 40 separate tests have taken place. The tests expand on research done earlier this year at Atlantic City International Airport.
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