US to allow Norwegian more flights

Opponents have three weeks to file objections
The USA says it is provisionally giving flying rights to the Irish subsidiary of low-cost carrier Norwegian, opening the way for the airline to increase flights across the Atlantic.
The US Transportation Department is giving opponents to the move three weeks to file objections. Both unions and airlines in the US argue that Norwegian Air International would undermine US standards on working hours and wages.
Because Norwegian’s operating costs are low and its fares are comparatively cheap, increased competition on flights across the Atlantic is now likely.
Earlier this year, the European Union pressured US regulators to approve Norwegian’s request, which is usually routine but has faltered for more than two years. The US Transportation Department now says it can find no legal basis for denying the request by Norwegian’s Irish unit to fly to the United States.
Norwegian already flies to New York and other US cities, but its new subsidiary in Ireland – a member of the European Union, unlike Norway – means it can use the more flexible aviation rights of the EU.