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US tourism to Nordics growing, report says

Outbound tourism from the United States to the Nordic countries is predicted to continue growing, according to a new report.

The market for outbound tourism from the United States to the Nordics is projected to exceed $1.5 billion (€1.33 billion) by 2024.

Being developed economies with large numbers of millionaires and growing per capita income are factors that drive the USA outbound tourism market., according to a new report by US-based Renub Research.

By 2024, the number of outbound tourists from the USA visiting the Nordic countries will exceed 2 million, the report says.

Numerous factors have contributed to the growth, the most prevalent being increasing GDP and per capita income of residents and the increasing number of direct flight connectivity with low-cost carriers.

Purpose, accommodations and region
Holiday and leisure travel accounts for the majority of travellers from the US to the Nordics, with sightseeing, shopping, trekking or relaxing some of the key purposes visitors mention.

In terms of the choice of accommodation, hotels and similar establishments hold top position, as US travellers prefer to have better comfort in terms of amenities and food while visiting abroad.

Iceland is the most preferred destination by US citizens visiting the Nordic countries, as its rich history and culture as well as the natural surroundings and a broad range of entertainment attract US citizens, whose lack of need for a visa is an added incentive, the report says.

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