US travel trends at Thanksgiving, Christmas

When are prices right for the winter travel period?
Winter is coming, but the season is a hot time for travel, CNBC writes. An insider suggests the best times to fly.
Airlines in the US are laying on extra flights to cope with additional 55,000 passengers per day estimated to be flying during the Thanksgiving rush of November 18 to 29, up 2.5% from last year, to more than 27 million.
To deal with the demand, airlines are planning to add about 74,000 seats a day, deploying bigger planes and more flights.
Jacqui Gifford, editor at Travel + Leisure, tells CNBC that has a calendar stating which days are the most inexpensive to fly. Over Thanksgiving it’s best to avoid departing on the Friday or Saturday before the holiday. Cheaper flights can be found on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.
Or you could “actually fly on Thanksgiving day or on Christmas day,” she says, adding that in any case you shouldn’t wait for prices to drop.
For a travel bargain this winter, Gifford suggests Napa Valley in California where January and February are the quiet months, the Cabernet Season, where “you can get a great deal on a hotel”. Las Vegas too has “the lowest rates in hotels all year”. And Canada is cheapest in winter, where Quebec and Montreal “have lots of festivals over the winter holidays”.
Other trends Gifford points to are multigenerational travel and ‘poshtels’.

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